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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

As a shooting director, D.O.P. and still photographer Natascha Thiara Rydvald has been telling visual stories for over 20 years. Her work is characterized by insight, rhythm and an aesthetic flair for communicating the intention and vision of the particular story. With contagious enthusiasm and relentless originality Natascha fine-tunes atmosphere and feeling. Her passion and talent skillfully underline those by using a broad palette to create sensuality, it could be through working with lighting, texture, dust, water, smoke, and so forth. Coherence and unity are key concepts for Natascha – artistic expression reached through a close collaboration between the people involved. Those are essential qualities to Natascha's work.


I graduated as a still photographer at the Danish Technical School of 

Photography and later from the Danish Film School as a D.O.P. – Cinematographer, and have worked on documentaries, features, art, dance and indie film, films for theatre productions, but also commercials and music videos. As for my style as a D.O.P, naturally I care about the story — but also about bringing poetry to the screen. In a world increasingly dominated by television series with mostly standard talking heads shoots, I find that poetic images are needed now more than ever”.


“In my eyes we are just small creatures visiting this little planet for just a short while, so lets be kind, have fun and do our very best” 


“Therefore for me to live life to the fullest, the most important driver is to always stay curious, keep learning new things, to go places I dare not to go, all of my life”

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